Jordans furniture restoration in the U.S.

Jordan’s furniture was restored to its original condition during the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and the reconstruction efforts were extensive, but the country’s economic woes were not addressed until a major quake hit Nepal in February 2017.The reconstruction efforts in Nepal were led by a joint team of government and non-government organizations (NGOs) including the […]

Which furniture retailer should you buy online?

Which furniture retailers should you choose for your next furniture purchase?According to the New York Times, furniture retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot are doing a great job of keeping their inventory stocked, but the New Jersey-based retailer, like many of the other retailers listed on the list, is also working to cut costs […]

Jordon, the Walmart farmer’s market, opens in Washington

Walmart has announced plans to open its first outdoor farmers market in Washington, D.C., with an inaugural event on Saturday.The event, dubbed “Wicker,” is the latest example of the retailer’s expanding outdoor offerings.A store opening on Saturday in New York City, the company has plans to expand its outdoor offerings in the U.S. and around […]

When Jordan’s Furniture Was a Country Living Room

A collection of vintage furniture found in Jordan in 2015.The Jordan family owned and operated a collection of country living rooms, including the Country Living Rooms at Jordan National Park.In the early 1900s, they added a large living room that included a fireplace.It is said that this room was used by the Jordanian Emperor as […]

Happy Holidays, a new holiday series by the BBC

The UK’s new holiday shows are set to arrive with new content on Monday, January 10.The first episode will be hosted by James Corden, while a second is set to premiere on January 13, 2017.The BBC says the new series will also be accompanied by the first ever episode of the BBC’s award-winning drama, Love […]

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