“Small space” furniture: ‘We are all just human beings now’

In a small room with a bare floor, a table and a single chair, Bob’s Furniture is one of the few small businesses in the nation to make the transition to sustainable living.Bob’s is one in a growing number of businesses in small spaces that are moving to make living a more sustainable option.The move […]

What’s New At Ashley Furniture Store

Ashley Furnishings is closing the store and moving to a new location in Atlanta. The company announced the move on Facebook and said in a statement that it is moving to Atlanta, which it called “a great place to grow.”Ashley is known for producing furniture for people like Chelsea Handler, who has a pet rabbit named […]

When you need to buy a new laptop, a computer, or a game console, you can use the Crypto Coins system

Consignment of computers and game consoles can be a great way to get started and get some new stuff to your family and friends.But sometimes, it’s also a great time to buy items that you know you won’t ever use.For instance, a friend of mine had an Xbox 360 and was looking for a new […]

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