When a man’s heart stopped, he couldn’t buy a new suit from a thrift store

An unnamed Indian man is quoted in a newspaper article as saying that he has spent his life looking for a new outfit and found it all but impossible to find one.According to the Times of India, the unnamed man, who is unemployed, found that the thrift shop in his neighbourhood had just closed down […]

Sam’s furniture: A post-hoc analysis of the new Sam’s chair

Sam’s chairs are among the most beautiful furniture I’ve ever seen, and there’s no denying that.In many ways, they are the perfect example of the classic American furniture design that we love so much.But, as we all know, Sam’s is not all about the looks.For a few reasons, it’s not a very functional chair.It’s not […]

‘This is a tragedy’: ‘This Is a tragedy’ for Amish family, friends as they mourn their loved ones who died in Minnesota fires

A husband and wife were among those killed in a fire in southern Minnesota that devastated their rural community and left their two young daughters in mourning.The Amish are an offshoot of the American Christian denomination, which dates back to the 17th century.They are largely isolated from society, with little contact with the rest of […]

Costco.com.com sells furniture to help ease student loan debt

NEW YORK — Costco.Com.has sold more than 1,000 furniture items to help students ease their student loan payments, the company said Friday.Costco said in a statement that the sale was the largest sale in the company’s history and was in conjunction with the sale of the furniture from the family of the late George B. […]

What’s the most important issue in America today?

An estimated 30% of Americans are either unemployed, under-employed, or on food stamps, according to a new report from the nonprofit Economic Policy Institute.The study also found that while the economy was growing at a faster rate during the Great Recession than it has in years, it is not as strong as it was during […]

The real reason farmers are fleeing the U.S.

Farm workers are moving to other countries as a backlash against the Trump administration’s farm policies continues.The move comes after months of protests in Iowa and nationwide, including a series of massive demonstrations in March that drew more than 5 million people.But while there are some signs that some farm workers are turning to other […]

What’s in the new Bob’s Burgers toy box?

NEW YORK — The box that debuted on Fox’s The Simpsons has been dubbed the “Bob’s” Bunkers.The bob’s Bunker box has been on display at the AMC Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California, since February.A collection of five bob’s bunks will be auctioned at auction on Sunday.The bunks were designed by the iconic Simpsons character Bart […]

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