Why the Hudson’s new store in Madison Square Garden is a little too expensive

New York City’s Hudson’s department stores are starting to feel like a bit of a relic in an age of cheaper alternatives, and they’re hoping to keep up the pace by offering something a little more unique.The chain, which is currently the third-largest in the world, announced today that it will open a second location […]

What are the best furniture trends?

A big change is in the furniture sector, with new entrants bringing their own take on the modern, industrial look.There are some very cool new trends like the kincaid, which uses a natural cotton, and a modern version called the Bassett.But what’s the best modern furniture?We asked people from across the UK and Europe to […]

Hudson furniture stores closing after $20 million buyout

The Hudson family of furniture stores has been closing stores as part of a $20-million buyout deal, according to multiple media reports.The announcement by the Hudson family in a letter to employees Wednesday said that they would shut down the company in 2019, and that employees will have to relocate from Hudson to new locations.The […]

How to sell the ‘vintage furniture’ of America

With the economy reeling, a new generation of Americans is seeking out and buying vintage furniture.As a result, a lot of the best furniture in America has gone into the hands of Americans who want to display their love of old in the most creative way possible.With the help of this guide, we’ve rounded up […]

How to Stop a Billionaire from Spending Too Much on Porn: How to Make His Wife’s Porn Collection Work for Her

LADY BOBBS, former owner of the largest lingerie chain in the United States, is known for spending lavishly on her family’s fashion line.But now, she’s found a new way to use the money: she’s going to turn it into a new business. The New York Post reported on Tuesday that the Bobbsons are launching a new […]

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