How to get a great deal on the latest TVs, computers, and more from Walmart

You may have heard of Walmart, the retail giant that makes everything from baby cribs to refrigerators to televisions.But what’s it really like to work there?And what can you get for a fraction of what you would at Target or Best Buy?I reached out to the company for its employees and asked about how they […]

What You Need To Know About The ’80s And ’90s: A New Era Of Computer Games And The New ’90S

The 1980s was the year when the Internet first exploded, the year that computer games first got the attention of kids who were not yet born, and the year video games were the hottest thing on the planet.The Internet has had an outsized impact on our lives, and today we’ve had an equally outsized influence […]

Why the Hudson’s new store in Madison Square Garden is a little too expensive

New York City’s Hudson’s department stores are starting to feel like a bit of a relic in an age of cheaper alternatives, and they’re hoping to keep up the pace by offering something a little more unique.The chain, which is currently the third-largest in the world, announced today that it will open a second location […]

Australia’s hottest furniture store: Top 10 best furniture

The best furniture in Australia can be found in furniture stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, according to a new survey by furniture retailer Kmart.Kmart, which owns Kmart and Furniture World, said the survey showed that Australia’s furniture stores were “the best place to shop for the most up-to-date designs and designs for the widest […]

How to buy a wicker patio table and chairs

With winter starting to roll in, it’s time to start shopping for your next outdoor furniture purchase.We’ll be breaking down the basics of wicker furniture, and showing you what you’ll need to know before you even consider buying the items you need.The first thing to consider is whether you need a wick-lined or a dry-lined […]

Best of the best in fashion, accessories and more

Best of fashion, furniture, and accessories from the world of retail and fashion.source The Independent title How the UK is the best country to work in 2017 article UK workers are better paid than those in other European countries and they have the lowest rates of unemployment and underemployment.source ABC News article Best places to […]

What will it take to make the Republican tax plan pass?

Republicans are hoping to avoid a major tax overhaul that will hurt the wealthy by lowering rates and cutting the number of deductions and credits.But that plan would also leave many taxpayers worse off, analysts say.The Tax Policy Center said Thursday that the plan would leave more than $1.3 trillion in revenue short of the […]

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