‘I know I’m not a genius’ – How ‘crazy’ my kids are

I know I am not a “genius,” according to my kids.

But I do know that they love to talk to each other and that I’m just a normal person.

My kids love to play, but when I tell them I’m a professional baseball player, they all get really excited and want to play too.

And it’s not because I’m doing this on purpose, but because they want to see me get paid.

They want to know what I do and how I make money.

They even like to play catch.

But they are not the smartest kids on earth.

In fact, I would argue they are the most gullible.

I have had plenty of people tell me they are too stupid to make good decisions.

I’m lucky I don’t have kids because I could have kids.

It’s hard to know how much it affects them, but I’m glad they are having fun.

I wish I could tell them they can’t make money as a professional player.

But it’s a part of my job, and it’s the life of a professional athlete.

My job is to help my kids grow up and succeed in the real world.

I do my best to help them make the right decisions and live their dreams.

It takes a lot of hard work to do that.

But the hardest part is knowing how they feel and what it means to them.

I don and I will continue to work to make sure they have fun and thrive in the world.

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