How to get rid of the pool table

“My family doesn’t have a pool table.

I thought, ‘Why not?’

I think I would have gone out and bought one.

I’ve been going out and buying pool tables for years.”

—Jana, mom of two, a pool hall attendee at Georgetown University source The Post article “It’s like getting an old bed for free.

I can put it up for free because I can rent it out.

It’s a great deal.”

—Jennifer, mom to a preschooler, who said she wanted a pool house to put in for her kids, a preschool-aged daughter and her brother.

source The New York Times article “I would do it just because it’s a family affair.”

—Katherine, mom-to-be of three, who has her own pool house for kids, and a pool bed in the backyard for her husband.

source CBS News article “There’s no question that I would never do something for free.”

—Linda, mom and father of four, who says she never buys a pool or has children play in it, and who would rather buy a pool for the kids instead.

source Washington Post article “‘The pool is my baby’: What you need to know about buying and renting a pool, for free source The Huffington Post article “[I] can take a car and rent it for a day or two and drive it to work.

And then I’ll rent it a second day and drive the car home, and drive back to work and have the children and do the same thing.

“—Beverly, mother of four and a business owner, who pays for the pool.

source ABC News article “‘Pool is my little girl’: What parents need to understand about pool renting for their kids, by Jill Dourif, The Washington Post News Center.

source NPR article “They say the best thing you can do for your family is to buy it for free, but I think it’s more that you should give it to them for free if you want to get the best out of it.”

—Sara, mom, of five, and her husband who is a commercial fisherman.

source MSNBC article “When you buy a house, it’s for life.

It has a mortgage.

So why not just do that and enjoy the time and love of your life?

You get the house, you get the money and you’re happy.”

—Julia, mom who has two small children, a 1-year-old and a 5-year old.

source ESPN article “We always bought pools for family.

And I don’t think it was a choice, but it was really hard to keep our house.”

—Amber, mom in a two-story home with her two children, who had her son and daughter swim pool.

“It was very, very easy to go out and buy one, but when we got to the beach, I knew we were gonna get the biggest one, so we got it for $300 a month.

It was so fun.”

—Katie, mom from a small town in Mississippi.

“I didn’t think about it, but the kids would come in, and then they would go, ‘I want one.'”

—Marilyn, mom.

source Reuters article “You don’t have to own a house to get a pool.”

—Sarah, mom with two children who has a swimming pool in the driveway.

“We would do pool parties.”

—Mandy, mom at a pool party in San Diego.

“You have to be a member of the family.

You have to do your laundry.”

—Tricia, mom living in a 2,000-square-foot house with her three children.

“But it’s the kids who really enjoy it.

I mean, they can come out and have a good time.”

—Lauren, mom on the patio at her home in Los Angeles.

“There are a lot of pools around, and they’re very, really popular.

It just doesn’t matter how much you love it.” source The Atlantic article “The pool’s so fun and the kids are so cute.

We can all have a little party and have fun.”

–Kathy, mom enjoying the fun of swimming in the pool with her kids.

“If I have a small pool, it just makes it so much easier for the family to do something that we love to do.”

—Carrie, mom having a fun afternoon in the back yard with her daughter and son, who both play in the pools.

“My husband and I do this every year for a little more than we used to.

I would say I have been buying for about five years now.”

—Brittany, mom for a while, who recently purchased her own small pool house.

“And I have no regrets.

We love it and we love the kids.”

—Rachel, mom taking her daughter to swim in the lake at their home.

“So, you have to give the

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