A doll house at a garage sale?

The dolls are all there: A pair of spartan chairs and a set of folding chairs.

The house’s furniture is also all there.

The dolls are also all at the house, including the doll house.

The toys are still in their boxes.

But the house’s real estate agent, Lisa Bortolotti, said the house has not sold in more than a year.

So she had a hard time getting the sale done.

So Bortulotti called the FBI, asking if they could help.

The agents were able to sell the house for about $2.5 million.

Bortuletti said the dollhouse sold quickly, and the dolls have been enjoyed by children.

The doll house was purchased by a woman who lived in a trailer park and who had a young son, said Bortula.

She rented it out for about a year and sold it about three months later, Bortulari said.

The girl’s son had been living in the trailer park, so the dolly was taken to the trailer.

The family bought the house after moving into the trailer and moving into a new home.

A doll house with spartans chairs and folding chairs, as well as a large bed.

The house is in a garage at a local garage sale site.

It sold for $2,500 at a site in South Carolina.

The seller is not disclosing the buyer’s name.

A look inside.

The dollhouse has been enjoyed as an art project by children, Burt said.

She said the seller has been so supportive of the art project, the house will be used as an artist’s studio in the future.

The family said the home is being renovated, and they plan to use the doll as a place to teach kids how to crochet.

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