A bird’s-eye view of the birds in our lives

A bird is always a bird, but some birds are more than that.

And, according to the National Audubon Society, birds are not just some cute little critters you can play with or take to the zoo.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most interesting birds to meet and socialise with on the wilds.1.

The RaccoonBird has been called a “giant of the bird world” by the BBC.

He’s been spotted over 400 times over his lifetime, and has been observed in a number of locations around the world.2.

The Great Blue Heron is one of the largest birds in the world, and is known to weigh up to 250 kilograms.3.

The Blue Gull is the largest and most graceful of all birds, with a wingspan of up to 18 metres.4.

The White-throated Cormorant is one the most famous birds of all time, with the species being the most commonly spotted in the United States.

Its song can be heard all over the US and Europe.5.

The Stork is one bird that’s been observed to travel long distances.

The species has been recorded in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand.6.

The Black-capped Cockatoo is one birds that’s often called “the best-looking bird in the whole of North America”.

The bird is also considered the “bird of the year” in many countries.7.

The Common Red-sided Warbler is a very common bird, and one of nature’s most colourful.

The red-spotted bird is a member of the Rufous family.8.

The Little Owl is a great sight for those of us with big hearts, especially if you find yourself at a busy crossroads.9.

The Woodpecker is a large bird that is often mistaken for a bat.

It is not a bat, though, as it is actually a tree.10.

The Northern Woodpecker is one species of woodpecker that can be found throughout the world including Canada.11.

The Golden-cheeked Gull (Myrmecopis leucopus) is one giant of the North American forest.

The golden-cheeks are unique among all other woodpeckers, with their white markings and large eye patch.12.

The Greater Blue Herons are the most well-known and well-recognised birds in Australia.

The bird’s wingspan is more than 300 metres, and it has been known to fly for more than 10 years.13.

The Green Sandpiper is a tiny, very slow flying bird that has been found in a range of habitats from sand dunes to deep water.14.

The Brown-headed Gull, also known as the Northern Sandpike, is a bird that can only be found in the North Atlantic Ocean.15.

The Grey-crowned Flycatcher is one that is only seen at the southern end of the Great Australian Desert, and can be seen in a variety of environments.16.

The Yellow-bellied Wren is a species of owl that’s found in almost all parts of the world and that can take flight at an incredible speed.17.

The Gray-breasted Swan is a beautiful little bird that only has been spotted in one area of the UK and the US.18.

The Red-breasted Fly, the Great White and the Brown-breed Warbler are the biggest birds that live in the wild.

All three of these birds are also highly socialised, and spend a great deal of time together.19.

The Bald Eagle is one small bird that loves to make loud calls.

It has been reported to make up to 400 calls to a single location.20.

The Coppo, also called the Grey Wolf, is one tiny bird that lives in the Australian outback.

It’s also known for its distinctive call, which sounds like the sound of thunder.21.

The Eurasian Spotted Woodpegger is a giant of birds, and a great friend to those of you with big feet.

Its wingspan ranges up to 70 metres and it can even fly.22.

The Cuckoo is a highly variable bird that, depending on where it’s seen, can be quite aggressive, or peaceful.23.

The Painted Woodpea is a wild species that lives and breeds in forests throughout the tropics.

It can live for more the length of a day.24.

The Eastern Blackbird is a solitary bird that makes its home on the banks of the Thames in England.

It lives on the riverbank in the Thames estuary, but can also be found on the Thamesbank in Scotland.25.

The Lesser Grey-billed Sparrow is a little known, but very impressive bird that will give you goosebumps at any opportunity.

It will often swoop down on you and fly you right into the water.26

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