Why Walmart is building an outdoor shopping center in Nebraska

What is the purpose of an outdoor mall?

Walmart has been opening an outdoor department store in Nebraska, and the retailer is also planning a Walmart Prime Outdoors store in the state.

Now, Walmart has announced plans to build an outdoor retail space in Lincoln, where it will be able to sell merchandise on the outdoor shopping mall.

Walmart also plans to open a second outdoor departmentstore in Nebraska in 2017, but that location will be on the western edge of Omaha, which is in the Omaha suburb of West Olive.

According to the company, the outdoor mall will feature a new “super store” with 1,000 sq. ft. of retail space, along with a new parking garage.

The new store will feature “unique features,” such as an indoor, open-air dining area and an outdoor seating area.

“The new outdoor store is going to be a major addition to the Lincoln area,” said Bob Jones, a Walmart spokesman.

As for the location of the store, Walmart is planning to move from a current location on a farm-and-pasture site to the current location.

That location is now owned by the City of Lincoln.

Walmart is looking to sell the property and build a new Walmart Outdoors in Omaha, as the company has done in many states.

Walmart will be opening a second retail store in Lincoln next year, but it is not clear if the store will be open on Sundays or on weekdays.

This article was updated on January 28, 2018 at 11:54 a.m. with more details on the Walmart announcement in Nebraska.

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