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on Wikipedia?

article article article A Wikipedia article for “The most used article on the internet” has been taken down after a petition on Change.org calling for it to be restored.

The article for the site, Wikipedia: The most used, was last updated in January 2018.

It is currently not listed in the search engine’s top ten most used articles, according to a list compiled by Wikipedia’s public editor, Rob Wilkins.

Wilkins said he was unable to identify who created the petition, but it was signed by a range of organisations including the US-based Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation for Open Science.

“Wikipedia has a long history of providing a safe space for people to contribute ideas, images, and other content to the world’s knowledge,” he said in a statement.

“The current edit-ban on the article is unjustified, and we urge the community to continue to fight for the right to edit Wikipedia in a way that is respectful and democratic.”

The petition has since been signed by more than 2,000 people.

A number of other popular Wikipedia articles were taken down last month, including the “most used” article for British politics.

But the most popular article for cars is still listed as the “Most Used” article on a Google search, suggesting the removal was a one-off.

The page for the “top 25 most expensive cars” is listed as “Most Popular”.

“This is a rare case where a Wikipedia article is taken down for being ‘unpopular’,” said Wilkins in the statement.

“The article has always been in use by the community, and it is up to us to preserve it as an important resource for the community.”

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