What’s New in the Latest Version of Reddit (Updated October 21st, 2018)

A reddit user has uploaded a video that gives us a taste of what the site is all about.

The video starts off with a picture of the homepage of reddit, and then zooms in on the subreddit r/all, which includes all of reddit.

It shows a series of images of different types of furniture, including kitchen and dining tables, a bed, and even a table lamp.

Then, a user asks if there’s a way to customize the items that are in the picture.

“I think I could get some sort of a theme to the furniture in the video,” replies the user.

“Would it be cool to have a lamp that was shaped like a cow?”

The user responds with the same idea.

Finally, the user adds a title that reads, “If you like, I can buy your furniture and get you a rug.”

The response is positive, with the user stating that the user would be “happy to buy your new rug, so long as you pay me first.”

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