The New York Times: “Punishing America’s Young Black Men”

The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol.

290, Issue 8, p. 661-668, August, 2011.

article The American Conservatives article by Mark Hosenball and Daniel J. Mearsheimer article The Hill article “House Democrats Push $1.3 Trillion for Education” by Mark Sisson and Jonathan Martin article New York Post article “The War on Boys: How the ‘War on Boys’ Has Destroyed America” by Michael Hiltzik article Washington Post article The Washington Times article “White Male Education: A History” by Robert E. Litan and William J. Bell article Washington Times Article “White Males, Not the Other Way Around: The Myth of White Male Achievement” by Andrew Kliman and Thomas J. Gorman article Washington Free Beacon article “Feminism Has Been Misguided” by James M. Bovard article Washington Independent article “How Schools Are Killing America’s White Male Students” by Adam Winkler article The Guardian article “It’s time to tell the truth about white privilege” by Amanda Marcotte article The Atlantic article “A Boy’s Story” by John McWhorter article The Nation article “America’s Newest White Male Crisis” by Sarah Kliff and Michael Snyder article The National Review article “In Search of a Manly Word” by Jason Horowitz and Matt Taibbi article The Daily Beast article “Why Are Black Men the Most Damaged by Cultural Marxism?” by Adam Gopnik article Slate article “Sociologist and Author” article Slate: “When Do White Men Become White Men?” article Slate Magazine article “Poverty, Black Privilege, and the Decline of White Men” by Chris Ryan and David Grann article article “Who Is The Real Black Man?” by Matthew Nance and Tami Riechmann article Slate, “The ‘White Male’ Myth” by Jonathan Martin, Jason Horowitz, and Matthew Nances article Slate magazine article “What Is the Problem With White Male Privilege?” by J.D. Vance and John Cassidy article Slate’s Women’s Voices column, “Black men have been victims of white supremacy, sexism, and homophobia for centuries” by Michelle Harris article Slate contributor, “In America, Men Are The Real Victims” by Matthew E. Thompson article Slate Contributor, “White Men Are Not the Problem, Black Men Are” by Zachary L. Rottenberg article Slate writer, “My Struggle Is White Male” by Alex G. Pappas article Slate Writer, “Race and the White Male: The Case for Black Liberation” by A.J. Chivers article Slate Editor, “Is White Male Racism the Problem?

Why Is It Worse than Other Forms of Racism?” by Sam Kamin and Paul Sperry article Slate Staff Writer, The Black Male Mentality: A New Definition of White Masculinity by Steven E. Carter, ed. by David W. Lipsman, Jr. and James E. Molnar (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008).

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