‘Polar Bears’ actress Ashley Judd to star in ‘Sharknado’ movie

Ashley Judd is set to star as a female shark in “SharkNado: The Movie,” the Warner Bros. film that is set in the same universe as the 2012 blockbuster.

“I’ve got such a love for the movie, and I’m really excited to get started,” Judd said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

The actor, who has starred in “A Christmas Carol” and “The Social Network,” is set for the role of a female “Polar Bear,” the source said.

Judd is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood.

She was recently named to the list of 100 Most Influential People of 2014 by Time Magazine, and she’s also a frequent guest on TV shows like “The Voice,” “The Talk” and Fox’s “Million Dollar Listing.”

She has also appeared in the movie “A Shark Tale” and has a recurring role in the Fox animated series “Tales From the Crypt.”

“Sharks are the perfect characters for me,” Judd added.

“When I was a kid, I had a dream to be a shark and be able to go into the ocean, and when I saw the movie I was so excited.

I love that it’s a new, original idea that I love.”

“It’s a really big movie, so it’s going to be really, really exciting to see what kind of impact this has,” she added.

Judd’s “Shrek” co-star, Idina Menzel, will also appear in the film.

The Warner Bros./Village Roadshow production will begin shooting in April.

“Shoot ‘Em Up,” the upcoming Warner Bros.-Fox film from “Deadpool” director Tim Miller, stars James Spader, Olivia Munn, Jason Statham, Patrick Wilson and Paul Walker.

The movie is set during the “The End of the World” events that took place on Earth in “DeadPOOL” and follows the events leading up to “The Rise of the Triad.”

It is slated to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.

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