Nebraska home sold for $1.7 million

Belfort, Neb.

— The seller of a Nebraska home for $3.7-million in 2017 told CBC News that the buyer paid more than $500,000 for the home in anticipation of the property selling for much more.

“This is an extremely valuable property,” said Bob L. Kiely, the seller of Belfort Apartments in Belfort.

“It’s in very good shape.

It’s not in great shape, but it’s in good shape and we are very excited about it.”

The seller is selling the home for a reported $1,769,000.

Kriely said the home has been in the family for almost three generations.

“We’ve been here for over 50 years.

The whole family has lived here,” Krieley said.

The buyer, who did not want to be identified, said he was “extremely excited” about the sale.

“I feel like it was a great fit.

I really did.

I feel like I was getting this home that was really well thought of,” he said.

He also said he planned to move into the home as soon as possible.

“My wife and I have lived in Belfasts house since 1985,” Kieley said, adding that they wanted to make sure they could move into it.

“The only thing that’s missing is the fireplace.”

He said the property had been in his family for a number of years and that the family would be able to make payments for the property.

“A lot of the history here goes back a long way.

I was born in Belforts, which is a part of the same community,” Kiesly said.

“There’s no reason to move this property right now.

We’re just going to have to get the funds in order to do it.”

Kielys family history is not only in the property, but also in the town.

The family is also in close contact with the community.

“They’re just very proud to have this historic home that is located in Belfor,” Kiedlys said.

Kiely said he plans to start working on a new remodel on the home within the next few months.

He said he is confident that the property will sell for much less than $3 million.

“Once you do a deal like this, you can make a lot of money, if you’re patient,” he told CBC.

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