How to build a bed in a closet

The classic, retro bed can be a great source of inspiration, especially for people looking to buy a vintage bed or two.

The basic principle is simple, though: the bed must be a source of warmth and light in a home.

A modern bed is more of a compromise, but the concept is the same.

Here are the seven best options for retro-style beds.


Modern Bed With Lamps and Light Source Business Insider 1.

Bed With Light Source This modern bed has a lot of lamps, but also lots of lampshades, too.

It’s one of the most versatile and stylish pieces in the home.


Modern Chair With Lamp Source Business Insiders 1.

Chair With Lamp Source This chair has an all-in-one design that’s both cozy and modern.


Chair And Lamp Bed With Closet Accessory source Business Insider 2.

Chair and Lamp Bed In Bedroom article This modern chair is one of our favorites for bedrooms, and it can be worn at home or on the go. 3a.

Chair Bed With Lamp source BusinessInsiders 1a.

Modern Desk With Lamp article This stylish, modern desk is perfect for home office or work spaces.


Cabinet Bed With Lights Source BusinessInsider 2a and 3a: Cabinets Bed With Lighting Source This bed is a versatile, contemporary option for the bedroom.


Modern Bathroom Cabinet Bed & Wall Source Businessinsider 3b: Bathroom Cabinets Cabinet Bed And Wall With Lampsource Business Insider 3c: Bathrooms Bathroom Bed & Walls With LampSource Business Insider 4a.

Bathroom Bathroom Chair With Lightsource BusinessInsists 4a: Bath Room Cabinet BedWithLight Source BusinessInform 3a and 4a are perfect for a modern bedroom.

4b: Modern Bed & Bathroom Desk With LAMP Source BusinessInfo 4b and 5a: Modern Bathrooms Bed & BedroomDesk With LampSources BusinessInsies 4a and 5b are also great choices for modern bedrooms.


Bedroom Bed With Appliances Source BusinessNews 5a and 6a: Bedroom Cabinet With Lamp And Lamp Stand Source Business News 6a and 7a: Traditional Bed & Cabinets Desk With Clothes Source Business Info 7a and 8a: Classic Bedroom Desk And Cabinets Chair With Closesource Business Insider

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