Why you should care about the future of patio furniture

The big picture: it’s a furniture-centric sector.

It’s dominated by the major players, including Western Digital, IBM, and Toshiba.

The industry has its share of bad actors too.

But it’s also an incredibly diverse industry that has evolved over time and is ripe for a lot of change.

The best-performing companies have already begun to address some of the issues facing the industry, but the big question is what kind of changes are necessary?

That’s a question that’s still being answered.

A few key questions: What will the future look like for patio furniture?

The major players in this space are Western Digital (WDC), which owns a dominant position in the space.

WDC is a global company with a huge amount of global influence, having made $1.6 trillion in revenue over the past four years.

As of the end of the quarter, WDC had more than $20 billion in cash and $6.5 billion in long-term debt, making it the second-largest bank in the world by assets.

It has been one of the most active and aggressive customers in the market.

It has a huge footprint, spending billions on research and development and other investments.

The company also has a strong business model.

WDC has already begun its pivot towards using solar power for outdoor use.

It is developing its first commercial-grade outdoor lighting system for homes.

And it has a lot to say about the environment, both through its work in the U.S. and its global footprint.

On the other hand, IBM has been a strong player in the niche since the beginning.

It started off by making cheap PCs for consumers.

Then, in 2011, it began its aggressive expansion, moving into the consumer PC market and then into server chips.

It acquired a large chunk of Hewlett-Packard and then bought a big chunk of Lenovo in 2012, creating the Lenovo ThinkPad brand.

It also recently launched its own laptop line, the ThinkPad X1, which is designed for office workers.

While it’s hard to say what IBM will do with its existing business, it is expanding its business model to offer services and new products to businesses that it thinks will be a good fit.

In addition to expanding into this space, IBM is looking at what other niche businesses will be good for.

One of the companies that it is targeting is the small business market.

This is where you might see some of its more innovative products.

It recently launched a small-business tablet, the IBM Z, and it also launched its Z2 business notebook, which it calls the IBM Small Business.

The Z2 is a low-cost, low-power device, and the company is aiming to provide a more affordable alternative to the Dell XPS 13 tablet.

IBM has also started building out its own software development tools, including a suite of tools called the Watson platform.

Watson is a tool that can understand the complex structure of a computer program and help it come up with useful answers.

IBM is also launching a suite called AI for Business, which will enable businesses to automate processes.

What will this mean for the industry?

For starters, the biggest impact on the small and mid-sized businesses will likely come in the form of reduced demand for outdoor lighting.

There’s been a lot written about the fact that the outdoor lighting market is not sustainable, but one thing that has become clear is that there is a lot more demand for indoor lighting.

This means fewer options for businesses to compete with one another.

And then there will be some changes to the way furniture is designed.

The companies that have the most power in the industry are going to want to make more choices about the types of furniture they use, and that will mean a shift in how furniture is built.

There’s also the question of how to deal with people and how they interact with the furniture they have in their home.

For years, furniture manufacturers have tried to create an environment that is more conducive to human interaction.

But, as more people have started to walk into their homes and use outdoor lighting, that environment is changing.

Some furniture manufacturers are already embracing the new environment.

Toshiba recently introduced its own smart home system called Wink, which offers homeowners the ability to set timers and alarm clocks to set up timers for things like lights and security cameras.

It will be interesting to see how the company responds to this new challenge.

How will it affect the market?

While outdoor lighting is certainly changing the way we live in many ways, there is another aspect of the industry that will be important to watch closely.

The landscape is shifting away from office buildings and toward more urban environments.

This has led to a shift towards more efficient, more energy-efficient lighting.

This will have implications for the way people interact with furniture, especially those in smaller communities.

For example, it will be harder for people to get

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