Which items are cheap and which items are more expensive?

When it comes to furniture, we’re not the only ones who pay more than $200 for something.

But the big items are the items that cost more than the price of a new couch, new carpet, new sofa, new dining table, and new table, according to data compiled by the Consumer Reports organization.

The average value of those items in 2017 was $195, with the top 10 earning the most money: $290,000 for a new recliner, $260,000 to buy a brand new refrigerator, and $240,000 on a brand-new sofa.

And the average value for a home improvement kit?


Here are the top ten priciest items you’ll need to purchase in 2017.


New Furniture: $225,000 A new couch should be the top item on the list, especially if you’re considering purchasing one in your own home.

But if you don’t live in a place where the living room has enough space, a new sofa will likely be the more affordable option.

If you want a new bed or couch, you might consider a new kitchen countertop or even a new dining-table chair.


New Carpet: $200,000 You probably know that carpeting is expensive.

But for many homes, a good rug can go for about $100.

New carpets are often the least expensive option, and you may be able to save a bit by getting a new carpeting installer.

But don’t buy a new set of drywall mitts or a new hardwood flooring set unless you really need them.


New Dining Table: $180,000 If you’re in a larger apartment, a dining table can be your most expensive purchase, but it’s not the cheapest option.

You might have to pay more if you plan to use it for dining, dining out, or other casual activities.


New Table: 25% off A new dining chair is usually the least pricey option, but some new tables are cheaper than others.

If your kitchen counter is a little small, it’s best to find a table that’s at least 25% smaller than the one you’ve already got.

The most expensive table on the market in 2017 is the one by New York’s Balenciaga.

A Balencolini chair costs $5,500 and the cheapest table on Amazon.com is the Balenco table from Balencon.

It comes with a new headboard and a matching counter.


New Kitchen Counter: $130,000 Some people like to keep their kitchen counter as small as possible, but for those who do, a newer, smaller counter is probably your best bet.

You can often find a counter that’s slightly smaller than your kitchen sink and counters can be purchased for less than $100, according of the Consumerist.

You’ll likely also find more space for dishes, and the counter is more forgiving of mistakes.


New Refrigerator: $115,000 Refrigerators can be pricey, but you’ll probably save money by getting one that’s up to the same standard as your dining-room countertop.

For example, the new $35,000 refrigerator from the U.K.’s Ikea costs $160,000.


New Freezer: $85,000 The next least expensive refrigerator on the shelves is the $70,000 new freezer at the Ikea store in Seattle.

But you can find other cheaper freezers on Amazon, and they’ll likely cost the same or less.


New Dishwasher: $80,000 It’s common for new washing machines to come with a freebie for the owner.

The $40,000 IKEA freezer is one example of a brand that comes with free accessories.


New Shower Seat: $65,000 While you’ll usually get a brand name dishwasher for free, you may have to shell out extra cash to get the brand name one.

That’s because many of the dishwashers come with accessories for different sizes.

For instance, the IKEa Freezer dishwasher comes with three different size options.

The cheapest is the same as a dishwasher with one size, and it comes with two different size covers.

The second one is for a single size and comes with five different covers.


New Dresser: $55,000 There’s a whole lot of money to be made in getting a brand of dresser that’s a little more expensive than your existing ones.

The new $60,000 Sealy Seats from Ikea comes with seven different colors.

The biggest price difference is the white version.

The cheaper version comes with just two colors.

And Ikea says the new one comes with “five styles” — so if you want to get a little bit more variety, you’ll likely have to spend $40 more for each.

For the most part, it’ll be cheaper to get an Ikea than a

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