Jordon, the Walmart farmer’s market, opens in Washington

Walmart has announced plans to open its first outdoor farmers market in Washington, D.C., with an inaugural event on Saturday.

The event, dubbed “Wicker,” is the latest example of the retailer’s expanding outdoor offerings.

A store opening on Saturday in New York City, the company has plans to expand its outdoor offerings in the U.S. and around the world, including a “Walmart-branded farm shop” in Brazil.

The first Walmart-branded outdoor farmers markets opened in Germany last year.

In June, the retailer also announced plans for a small farmers market next spring in Seattle.

Walmart’s farmers market plan includes a $5 million cash prize, which Walmart hopes will help attract farmers to the stores.

In an interview with the Associated Press, CEO Doug McMillon said the plan to open the first farmers market was spurred by the company’s need to expand beyond its own markets.

“Our goal was to be the best farmers market on the planet,” McMillon told the AP.

“If we were to open in another city, where we had the best location, that would be even better.”

He said the idea for the Walmart-sponsored farmers market came from a “consensus” of community and business leaders, who wanted to build on Walmart’s success at other markets around the country.

“We want to make sure that farmers are able to experience the benefits of the marketplace, whether it’s the best price, the best service, the quality of the products and the price of products, all the things that farmers can enjoy,” McMillonsaid.

The Seattle-based company is also planning to open a farm shop in Mexico, where it has a market for local products and a second location, in the United States, in 2019.

The Walmarts opening comes just months after Walmart announced a partnership with farmers to open four locations in the country, where shoppers can shop for locally sourced food, produce, clothing and household items.

Walmart will also continue to open new stores in California, the U, Texas and Florida, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

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