How to get to and from the Farm by Bicycle

By bicycle.

I am not a fan of bikes, but they do make it a bit easier to get around the countryside.

For starters, I have a lot of friends who do not drive.

They ride their bikes for exercise.

I have to say I was surprised when I got my first bike from a friend.

I had been saving up for a bike for a few years and finally had the funds.

I bought my first one for my husband and I went off to get it.

It was a beautiful bike, well made, and I loved the fact that it did not have a chain, so I could use the spare for a spare tire.

The only issue was that I was not able to get the chain off the bike as easily as I could with a chain-equipped bike.

I tried some different tools, like a pair of pliers, but it was very hard to get out.

When I came home, the bike was in perfect shape.

My husband loved the look of the bike and was able to ride it as often as he wanted.

I was really surprised how well it held up and I love how easy it is to clean it.

The fact that the bike is so light made it a great bike for me to take out and use as my daily ride.

When we finally got the bike, it was really light and we could do it all the time.

It took me a while to get used to the handlebars, but I am glad that I finally did.

My wife loves it too, and it does a great job for both of us.

I can ride it anywhere.

We have a large garden on the property and have taken it out on the lawn and into the street to the right of the house.

It does the job and is super easy to use.

I also love the fact it does not require me to do much maintenance because it is so lightweight.

My kids have been riding it too!

If you want to try it, I recommend you take the bike out and take it for a ride on your own.

I think you will find it very enjoyable.

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