Macy’s furniture store opens its doors to the public in NYC

Macy’s has opened its doors in New York City, and its opening day is coming soon.

The company is hoping to be open to customers by the end of the week, and will also offer pre-booking for some of its larger furniture stores.

Macy’s is the first furniture chain in the US to open its doors on the weekend, and it is not the first big retailer to open to the general public in the city.

Macy has been in the country for over a century, and the first Macy’s in the United States was opened in 1891.

Macy’s has a wide range of products, from furniture to clothes, and offers a wide variety of service options for customers to choose from.

The company will offer a service where customers can shop online for products, and they can also book their appointments with an online store.

Macy will also have a number of online services like travel planning and car rentals.

For customers, Macy’s will also be offering pre-order for some smaller furniture stores like Macy’s, which is why it has decided to open on a weekend.

The store will be opening at 11 a.m. on Friday, July 2, and 11 a,m.

Saturday, July 3.

Michelin Star Rating: 4.8/5Source: Business Insider

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