I’m an atheist and I’m not an agnostic – Praveen Tiwari

I’m a rationalist and I don’t think there’s any religion, he told me.

I can’t go into detail about the faith I grew up with, but I think there are a few things about the way the faith is structured that are different from the way most people think about faith.

I grew in a family of atheists and agnostics and we didn’t think much about religion.

But for us, there’s no separation between religion and the other.

I’m very religious and I want to follow my faith and do my best to live by it.

I’m not one of those who believes in a personal god.

I am just a believer that the Bible is true and that I should live by the word of God and live by its teachings.

My father, a scientist and an atheist, told me when I was very little that we should just be content with our lives and just follow the rules of the game, which is how we think the world works.

And when I asked him why he thought it was that way, he said that it was because the game itself is the rulebook.

It’s not about winning or losing.

It’s not that there’s a big picture behind everything.

When I was growing up, my father was telling me, if I wanted to be a good person, I would have to be good at sports and good at school.

He was telling the truth about the world, which I think is a great thing.

It gives you a better understanding of it.

When I was in secondary school, my mother told me that the way you are treated in life and the way others treat you is what makes you who you are.

I think that’s what makes me who I am.

I believe that people can learn from people, and I think we have to learn from each other and respect each other.

The other day, I was reading about a boy from India who was given a new bike and asked what it was.

His reply: “It’s a bike for a boy.”

He was so proud of his bike.

When we talked about it, I realised that it’s not a personal thing.

I don and I am a man.

I am an atheist but I believe in a higher power, and that it is through faith that we can understand what is going on in the world.

I grew up in a religious family.

My father was a practising Christian, and he was a devout Christian.

When he died, we never got to meet him.

So I always had that image of him.

But I don of course, believe in the existence of God.

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