How to save on food at Costco and Home Depot

The grocery chain and its home-improvement rivals are ramping up their efforts to boost the number of grocery purchases, which is helping them fend off a resurgent chicken industry and other competition.

The Wall St. Journal on Thursday reported that Costco has started to sell more farm-fresh produce and packaged goods.

Costco will start selling $7.99 bags of corn at its stores in mid-December, and the company is also adding a new product category, farm-to-table, to its online marketplace.

In addition, Costco is selling some of its home furnishings at the grocery chain’s stores.

The Journal also reported that Walmart will sell food in its stores, but that it will not sell grocery items.

The company’s stock has gained more than 14% this year, outperforming the S&P 500 index by nearly 1%.

Walmart’s stock is up nearly 2% this month.

The biggest food seller in the U.S., Costco also is expanding its offerings to offer farm- and garden-fresh products, including fresh produce.

The retailer plans to start selling fresh vegetables and fruit this year.

It will also start selling products from its suppliers, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, at its local Walmart stores, as well as from its other stores.

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