How to get rid of clutter in your home

More than 100,000 of the house’s furnishings have been damaged by the fire, which also caused extensive damage to the rest of the home.

BBC News has more: The fire started at the back of the property on Friday morning, when a gust of wind blew a fire alarm into the attic, trapping it and burning all of the contents in the attic.

It then spread to the other two properties and into the house itself, as a blaze tore through the main building.

It is now believed to have been started by a faulty electrical wiring system.

In total, around 100,064 items have been destroyed.

One man was treated for smoke inhalation, while two people were treated for minor burns.

The fire was declared under control at around 11:30pm on Sunday.

I have no idea what will happen now.” “

I am devastated.

I have no idea what will happen now.”

The owner added that he had been cleaning the house for five years and had had no problem with anything.

He also said he did not know what caused the fire to start.

The owners’ other property, a guest house in Newington, south-west London, was destroyed in the blaze.

A fire official told BBC News: “It’s believed that the electrical system in the guest house caused the house to catch fire, and as a result it’s now completely destroyed.”

BBC News understands that a number of items in the house have been returned to the owner.

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