How to build your own ‘big box’ to keep it safe from the weather

CUBAN, Philippines — As the Philippines’ mercury rises to a record high of over 100 degrees Celsius on Sunday, it is a great opportunity to start making some sense of the country’s weather problems.

The mercury has already climbed above 101 degrees Celsius in the past week, but the country still doesn’t have an official record for the hottest temperature.

That distinction goes to the tropical city of Cebu, where the mercury climbed to 102 degrees on Tuesday.

The Philippines has had a long-standing record of being the country with the highest number of heat waves, and the latest is only the second heat wave in recent memory.

The last was in October last year.

The country has been on edge since the start of the year over the prospect of a repeat of last year’s heat wave, which hit the southern region of Mindanao with heavy rainfall.

The government’s National Weather Bureau said on Tuesday that the mercury has climbed by over 2 degrees Celsius this week, and on Friday was expected to hit 1 degree Celsius.

On Monday, the Philippines was also hit by two separate heat waves.

On Saturday, a high temperature of 106 degrees was recorded at a military base in Metro Manila.

On Sunday, temperatures were expected to climb to a maximum of 104 degrees at a base camp in the capital.

A number of areas have already experienced extreme weather in the last few days, with heavy rain, high winds and flash flooding in several cities.

On Tuesday, the city of Tacloban recorded its hottest day in nearly two months.

According to the weather agency, the temperature of 105 degrees at its city hall was the hottest on record.

In Metro Manila, there were also multiple reports of extreme weather.

On Sunday, at least three people died in a stampede at the Taclobaras International Airport after the airport closed for three hours due to the threat of flash flooding.

Authorities said there was no information about the cause of death at the time of the incident.

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